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Alexx Leyva - Infinity
March 2, Tuesday @ 11:00 AM EST | 8:00 AM PST
The Consumer Lending Summit Kick-Off Email: How to Adapt, Pivot, and Thrive in Any Economy
If you signed up for a free ticket (or all access pass) you will get an email from me at 8am PST on March 2, 2021 with your login credentials and instructions for how to prepare for the event the next day! Polish up your profile picture, make sure you've got coffee and a comfy chair, and get ready for an incredible next two days. 
Ryen Leyva - Infinity
March 3, Wednesday @ 12:00 PM EST | 9:00 AM PST
KEYNOTE: Consumer Lending - The Big Picture
What impact did 2020 have on other lender's businesses? What's next for lending in the current economy? What should every founder/CEO be thinking about as they start to regroup, rebuild, and come back bigger and better than ever? Attend this session to find out! 
Jer Ayles - Author of "The Business of Lending to the Masses"
March 3, Wednesday @ 1:00 PM EST | 10:00 AM PST
5 Ways to Increase Lending Volume in the Current Economy
Jer has written thousands of pages on how to start, build, and scale a consumer lending business. He has consulted with many of the best lenders in our industry. In this session he will give you his top 5 ways to start increasing lending volume in your business today. This session will be valuable for lenders of all sizes. 
Eli Hsieh - Infinity
March 3, Wednesday @ 1:00 PM EST | 10:00 AM PST
Taking Your Consumer Lending Business Online
You don't need us to tell you that the world is being pushed online whether we like it or not. If you've considered taking your brick and mortar business online (or new to online lending in 2019-2020) then this session is for you. 
Elizabeth Agundis - Star of Texas Financial
March 3, Wednesday @ 2:00 PM EST | 11:00 AM PST
Collections Strategy - Insights from a Lender
Collections... a difficult topic that became even more interesting in 2020. Want to hear how other lending companies are adapting, pivoting, and thriving in this area? If so, this session is for you.
James Celli & Michael Perkins - LoanPaymentPro
March 3, Wednesday @ 2:00 PM EST | 11:00 AM PST
Strategies in Payments: What Lenders Can Be Doing to Relieve the Negative Impact of Lockdowns, Pandemics, and Uncertainty with Their Borrowers
Payment trends in 2021, regulation updates that you can't miss, what's working right now for others when it comes to payments? Let's go! 
Melody Cherchian - LeadsMarket
March 3, Wednesday @ 4:00 PM EST | 1:00 PM PST
Conversion Rate Optimization for Your Online Portfolio
With more people taking out loans online than ever before, it's time to start looking at not only how many visitors are coming to your site, but also how many of them actually sign up for a loan -- that's where conversion rate optimization with a lead gen expert comes in. Learn the best practices here!  
Shannon Lee - Infinity
March 3, Wednesday @ 5:00 PM EST | 2:00 PM PST
Underwriting Secrets: New Strategies, Tools, and Insights for Uncertain Times
Where did underwriting start? What's working right now? Where is it going? Join Shannon as she walks you through a 3- step modern underwriting makeover. Make your technology work for you rather than against you.
Allen Denson & Blake Sims - Venable & Hudson Cook
March 4, Thursday @ 12:00 PM EST | 9:00 AM PST
GENERAL SESSION: Industry Attorneys Weigh In: Alternative Credit - Where Do We Go from Here?
We're a few weeks into the term of a new presidency. Prior to the inauguration, rumors were flying but as reality has set in, where do things actually stand and equally as important, where do we see them going? Get insights from this consumer lending legal duo and make sure you're going to be safe, compliant, and resilient in the coming year. 
Daniel Marcos - Growth Institute
March 4, Thursday @ 1:00 PM EST | 10:00 AM PST
4 Decisions to Lead the Recovery and Scale Up
Business is complicated, until it's not. Business growth expert Daniel Marcos is going to help you make 4 decisions that will dramatically improve the stability, scalability, and profitability of your lending business. 
Lance Wickham - BankruptcyWatch
March 4, Thursday @ 1:00 PM EST | 10:00 AM PST
Maximizing Bankruptcy Profit Potential and COVID Updates
"You can turn your bankruptcy department into a profit center." This statement was true before and even more true now. With the hard year last year pushing more and more people into bankruptcy, this is something your firm needs to take seriously. You'll learn what to do next right here. 
George Coutros - Clarity Services a part of Experian
March 4, Thursday @ 2:00 PM EST | 11:00 AM PST
Underwriting Consumer Loans During Volatile Times
George Coutros, Head of Product & Analytics at Clarity Services (a part of Experian), will provide insights and recommendations to enable continued lender success when underwriting consumer loans during this prolonged COVID-19 period. Topics will include:
- Impact of CARES Act on specialty credit bureau data
- Recommended monitoring activities during unstable times
- Advances in employment and income verification services
Michael Strong - Easy Cash America
March 4, Thursday @ 2:00 PM EST | 11:00 AM PST
The What When & How of Adding a New Loan Product to Your Portfolio
Executive Mike Strong did something interesting in 2020 - he added a new loan product to his business in an attempt to adapt and thrive. During this session he is going to "spill all" and explain why he decided to expand his product line, how he did it, and what the results were of this experiment. Let his experiment save you time, money, and some of your own trial and error. 
Tom Algie - IDology
March 4, Thursday @ 4:00 PM EST | 1:00 PM PST
Drive Revenue, Remove Friction, and Fight Fraud in Your Lending Business
Fake news, confusion, and fraud... some say they're signs of the times. In this session, Tom will show share with you his strategies for fighting fraud and driving revenue. 
Brandon Lao - Infinity
March 4, Thursday @ 5:00 PM EST | 2:00 PM PST
Infinity Tips, Tricks, and Hacks
Back by popular demand, this training will provide you with 35+ lesser known ways to get more out of the Infinity platform. Brandon will cover lesser known "functionality hacks" as well as talk about new integrations and features that you can implement to get more out of our software.
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